Originally, ZAZY’S was a pub with pizzeria when it opened in 2008. During the years we have “grown up” and are glad to be called wine bar nowadays. We offer classic cocktails, but also creative cocktails. Furthermore we have a huge wine list, which contains the best wines from the Aosta Valley, but also from the rest of Italy. ZAZY’S offers you varied types of pizza: classic pizza – of course – but also white pizza (without tomato sauce) and our pizza, created by the fantasy of our pizzaioli. These pizzas are hearty, but can also be sweet, they are Focaccias, but can also be specially made for kids. The ingredients we use are chosen carefully and our meat and fish dishes combine tradition, regionality and creativity. Our chefs create fantastic dishes and use exclusively high quality ingredients. ZAZY’S takes also care of your catering and will make your event unique and unforgettable. Outside ZAZY’S you will find a playground for kids and a car park. Of course, you will always be welcomed by our friendly and professional staff!